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Re: Merry Rose favors?

Mistress Keilyn wrote:
>      Urp.  I thought the banner was cute (although having been in the 
>      kitchen, I missed the schtick involved).  But tokens?  Really?
>      I don't mean to stomp on anyone's parade, but... I don't think so.  
Well, you don't have to wear one, you know.  After all, the favor would 
either mean the Merry Rose likes the person wearing it, or the person 
wearing it likes the Merry Rose.  I think the second is more plausable 
and less suggestive of cliqueness.  As Lord Razmus pointed out in a 
private conversation, there really is no control over favors in 
Atlantia.  In fact, there are hardly any sumputary laws at all.  Which is 
probably just as well, as we get transplanted members of the SCA from 
around the Known World.

>      Keilyn the stuffy
>      (and still recovering from Sunday)
Sorry you're feeling poorly.

In Service
Leifr Johansson