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Re[10]: Ianthe and Linguistics

     To the peripatetic Ellwood, from Ianthe, greetings.
Hmmm.  A wayward proper as an achievement....  I think I might be able to 
come up with something before the College of Heralds catches up with me....
     I never quite thought of being Wayward as an acheivement, an art or a 
     science.  It sort of happened as a result of spending too much time in 
     Arms.  As such it does fall into the purview of the College.  Either 
     that or the Marshallate.  Or perhaps a Court of Love.  Hmmm.
Wayward-ness is more of a state of being than an actual Art, Your Excellency.
came to be wayward through a great deal of travel through two Kingdoms.
I tend to wander off (which causes the Baron a great deal of discomfort if I 

happen to do so while heralding his Court) I do this both physically and 
intellectually in a meandering path that few can follow(much less find).
I doubt very much that anyone would take instruction from me.  *sigh* 
I must not be doing this right.  I've rarely had fun being wayward 8^(

     I, on the other hand, found Wayward to be quite enjoyable.  Of 
     course, I pursued it in my home Barony and to a limited extent, 
     on the road.  I found that the people who knew me well were more 
     than willing to encourage me in perfecting Waywardism; and of 
     even more import, were wise enough to keep me from straying too 
     Perhaps wearing an armorial tag, bearing your Barony's arms and 
     the inscription "If found, please treat kindly, feed well, then 
     return to _____" would assist your return from the involuntary 
     meanderings to which you seem to be prone.  And if not, would at 
     least ensure that you would be hosted well whereever you turn up.
     -Ianthe                            kim.salazar@em.doe.gov