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Re[2]: three-month-olds

     Kendrick poses a linguistic question for Alianora and myself.  I, full 
     of enthusiasm, but short on scholarship - leap in ahead of my more 
     learned colleague:
Pardon me, but are we supposed to know what in the world you're 
trying to say here.  Perhaps Alianora and Ianthe should put this
on their list of things to do -- write a Luther-english dictionary. 
(Right after they get finished with the English-Henry/Henry-English 
dictionary, and Subliminal Henry, of course.)
     I reply:
     ROTF - pronounced "rotiff".  To spin as a dervish, in horizontal mode, 
     with the face distorted in amusement.  Possibly derived from "Rotate". 
     To Henry, this term may mean an armed dispute between oarsmen or 
     punt-sters.  Further exploration is needed - perhaps by placing Henry 
     in a rowboat and depriving him of the funds needed to pay the rowers.
     LMAO - pronounced "Le-mayo".  To be reduced by mirth to the mental 
     consistency of salad dressing.  To Henry, this may be nothing more 
     than the way the vocalization of French cats is to be voiced.  
     Experiments involving said Henry, several felines, and a small 
     quantity of sardines are recommended. 
     -Ianthe                            kim.salazar@em.doe.gov
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