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Re[2]: three-month-olds

>Kendrick wrote:
>> > "Ever notice how many three-month-olds there are at Pennsic?" 
>> >   - cartoon in the Pennsic newsletter by Baroness Stonemarche
     A mundane aside to Kendrick and the world at large:
     All other circumstances being satisfactory, the timing of a Pennsic 
     conception is not necessarily a bad thing.  
     Old habits must die hard.  Even though Fernando and I hadn't been to a 
     War in years, our daughter Alexandra made a Memorial day weekend 
     I managed to hold off becoming elephant size until after heavy clothes 
     were put away; finished being acutely sick before the holidays hit; 
     missed out on the joy of advanced pregnancy during the summer heat; 
     and was able to take the season off (Memorial Day to Labor Day) to 
     stay home with her for the first three months.  It could have been 
     -kim                                       kim.salazar@em.doe.gov
     (Ianthe isn't concerned about logistics)
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