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Re[8]: Ianthe and Linguistics

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     Ellwood the Wayward happens by our discussions and joins in:
<Ellwood steps through the door...> <Upon hearing his byname, turns to find a 
most fair and noble lady deep in conversation...>
Thus spake Ianthe:
%     Nay.  He twitched not.  But then again, I was looking at his ankles. 
%     (I may no longer be Wayward, but I can still look.)
Your Excellency, I was not aware that we were related!
 --Ellwood the Wayward
   To Ellwood from Ianthe, fair greetings.
   I don't know if we're related, but I am quickly learning that I have 
   more family than my parents officially claimed.
   Back in the depths of time when I first moved to Atlantia, I lived in 
   the Oldcastle Home for Wayward Countesses.  Under their strict 
   guidance, I mended my footloose ways, and eventually moved out and 
   married Don Fernando.
   "Wayward" was however, lots of fun.  I recommend it as an official 
   status for anyone for whom "Proper" is beyond current achievement.  
   As it is part of your name, I can only assume that you have mastered 
   the art.  Perhaps you wish to teach it?
   -Ianthe                                      kim.salazar@em.doe.gov