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Re: Merry Rose favors?

Lady Karen the very Dane-gerous has an interesting proposition:

> Lady Meli and I have corresponded about the possibility of constructing 
> favors or tokens bearing the new `device` of the list -- would there be 
> any interest in such an animal?
While I would hardly oppose such a suggestion, I would like to point out 
that currently the "Merry Rose" is only a tavern sign, and as such is not 
within the control and authority of the college of Arms.  If, however, 
you start to put it on favors, you propose to make it a badge.  This 
presents two difficulties.  The badge is probably heraldicly untenable, 
that is the college or arms will not pass it.  Conversely, in its present 
state, it probably conflicts with something, as I did not try to check it 
before painting the tavern sign (note I did not say emblazon the badge 
;-) ).

Still, its a nice little sign, and we all know what it means.  Perhaps 
Lord Triton could render an opinion on the matter?

In Service
Leifr Johansson
Who wonders if you shouldn't have different fields for lurkers and posters?