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Re: A tale....

     To Mar Yaakov, from Ianthe, heartfelt thanks!
     Thank you for coming to the aid of a doddering, toothless ancient.  I 
     recalled hearing His Grace, Duke Cariadoc tell the story of Nasrudin 
     and the pot that gave birth at Pennsic V, the first war I attended.  
     Over the years my memory of the story had eroded, so that all that was 
     left was the tiny nubbin I posted.  What I did remember was that his 
     grace wandered from fire to fire, telling stories and accepting 
     hospitality.  He came over to House Stormgaard's camp, and I greeted 
     him a wide sipping bowl of mint drink and a plate of dried fruit.  He 
     drank, held the bowl aloft in the firelight; considered it a moment; 
     then told the story you so graciously provided.
     I also remember the promise Duke Cariadoc extracted when we thanked 
     him for his tale.  He asked that in return, we should each tell a 
     story or sing a song.  Ever since then, stories, especially those of 
     Eastern wisdom, bring to mind my promise of that night.  Thank you 
     again, Mar Yaakov for helping to me to repay His Grace.
     -Ianthe                            kim.salazar@em.doe.gov
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