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Re: Vivat Corun! Vivat Brenna!

My good Lord Leifr,

	Greetings to you!

scripsit Leifr:
> > 	I got to meet Leifr, who is a perfect gentleman and an 
> > absolute dear, 
> Oh, I blush.  Such kind words.  And I must say, Lady Meli caught be 
> just as I was leaving, as I could only day-trip.  She closed from 
> beyond the outer gate to the inner court with a rush many of our 
> fighters would do well to imitate.

<smile>  You know, I've always wanted to try fighting .... :-)

I'm glad I caught you, then.  Even more, I'm glad you brought the banner for 
Baron Corun--because it was only by that presentation I knew who you were, and 
thus was able to insert myself twixt Leifr and the exit .... <g>

And you were a perfect gentleman.  And so you remain!  Here--sit down and have 
a drink.  We've had scary stories, and shivery tales of meeting the Old Gods 
in the woodlands; heaven alone knows what tonight's fare will bring us! :-)

> > 	Looking forward to partying under the smiling Merry Rose at 
> > some future event, 
> I hope to see you there too. 

Well--University is next weekend .... :-)

Thanks again for your graciousness,