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King Henry Does it Again ....

> At 05:41 PM 3/28/95 -0500, Sharon Henderson wrote:
> >Hi folks, 
> > 
> >	Uh, it's been a day .... Queen Anne needed to be looked 
> >	after all day 
> >long, because King Henry was playing around with Yet Another Lady 
> >in Waiting (tm) .... 
> <sigh>...<Whispering> King Henry makes it so obvious. How can she be 
> a good wife when he's distressing her so? Isn't she looking rather 
> pale lately? 
> -Deirdre 

<whispering back>  Oh yes, he certainly does flaunt it--and she does not look 
at all well, poor lamb.  She has the look of one who may be pregnant again--
God grant it may be safely so!--but with her in such a state, there's no hope 
of poor little Princess Elizabeth gaining a baby brother without losing her 

Ooops--isn't that my lord Cromwell coming?  Quick--look busy!