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Re: Merry Rose favors?

<Meli contrives to look busy until Master Cromwell glares about the taproom 
then wanders dubiously away .... she sighs heavily, drinks deeply, and gets a 
wicked twinkle in her eyes.  Many is the time her typing finger has slipped, 
but she cannot resist, knowing Karen will forgive her for teasing ....>

> <Karen gets her `broidering fingers all stretched out, and takes a sip 
> of the milk in her new lovely green pressed glass gauntlet
My, what an interesting vessel from which to drink--and made of glass, too!  
Is there a fairy tale involved with this unusual but utilitarian item of 
apparel, some explicative fable that you haven't shared with us yet????

<silly Meli of course knows Karen meant "goblet."  She has just had a very bad 
day today .... :-)   So Meli ducks, begs forgiveness because she is a herald 
and cannot help herself .... >

> Well, fight practice is generally still going strong at 10:00 pm 
> (for those of you desirous of more information on Wednesday night 
> fight practice at the George Mason University Physical Education 
> Building, please contact either Lord Ingelri [mjohnso7@osf1.gmu.edu] or 
> me) -- I do live on campus, so I can find a couple of places where we 
> can at least sing songs, tell stories, and embroider, but beer is 
> probably Out Of The Question on campus :)

Wonderful!  Then I shall come by straightaway, with rose counted cross-stitch 
patterns in hand, and we shall be silly with embroidery floss together!  Now, 
this is the Phys Ed building over on the road before you get to the Center for 
the Arts if coming from the Fairfax City direction, na?  Where in the building 
are y'all likely to be?  Le'me know ....