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Re: Merry Rose favors?

<Karen suddenly spits out the milk she was drinking ... it sure *tasted* 
sweaty, but who`s ever heard of a glass gauntlet anyway?  She fills her 
Venetian glass GOBLET with water to rinse out the bad aftertaste in her 

Greetings, ye of the Merry Rose!

Meli wrote:

><silly Meli of course knows Karen meant "goblet."  She has just had a 
very bad
>day today .... :-)   So Meli ducks, begs forgiveness because she is a herald
>and cannot help herself .... >

That`s okay.  A pun is a terrible thing to waste ... ;)

>Wonderful!  Then I shall come by straightaway, with rose counted 
>patterns in hand, and we shall be silly with embroidery floss together!  
>this is the Phys Ed building over on the road before you get to the 
Center for
>the Arts if coming from the Fairfax City direction, na?  Where in the 
>are y'all likely to be?  Le'me know ....

I shall have to see if I can procure some red, green, and black 
embroidery floss, and some yellow aida cloth, perhaps tomorrow 

KNOW WHERE IT WAS!) is held at the Physical Education Building, which is 
actually on campus, as opposed to the field house, which is kind of 
across Ox Road.  To get to the PE Building, you`ll have to get on campus 
proper and get on Patriot Circle.  If you`re turning in to campus from 
Roanoake Lane (from Braddock Road), turn left; from Occoquan Lane, Pohick 
Lane, or Rappahannock Lane (all three off University Drive near where it 
intersects with Ox Road), turn right; from Shenandoah Lane (from Roberts 
Road), turn left.

You`ll want to park in Lot K (if you turned right onto Patriot Circle, 
it`ll be on your right; if you turned left onto Patriot Circle, it`ll be 
on your left); the Physical Education Building is right near it.  We`ll 
be in the upstairs gym.

Karen Larsdatter