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Re: Merry Rose favors?

Leifr responds to Karen et al....

>Lady Karen the very Dane-gerous has an interesting proposition:
>> Lady Meli and I have corresponded about the possibility of constructing
>> favors or tokens bearing the new `device` of the list -- would there be
>> any interest in such an animal?

>While I would hardly oppose such a suggestion, I would like to point out
>that currently the "Merry Rose" is only a tavern sign, and as such is not
>within the control and authority of the college of Arms.  If, however,
>you start to put it on favors, you propose to make it a badge.  This
>presents two difficulties.  The badge is probably heraldicly untenable,
>that is the college or arms will not pass it.  Conversely, in its present
>state, it probably conflicts with something, as I did not try to check it
>before painting the tavern sign (note I did not say emblazon the badge
>;-) ).

Yeah Leifr, I know you asked the merman, but first you get the octopus.

Style: It's a great sign, but as heraldry it's gacky. Nevertheless, I
       think it might be *legal*.

Conflict: Oops. Ever hear of the "red rose of Lancaster"? It's probably
          a conflict. Which is only fitting, as the good ship *Mary
          Rose* was in the fleet of a Lancaster/Tudor king....

*BUT* -- who ever said you had to register the thing before using it?

All IMHO of course.

(For those who don't know or remember, a kraken is a ten-legged octopus.)

Evan da Collaureo, Kraken Herald.