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Re: Merry Rose favors?

My good friend and Subordinate, Lord Evan, Kraken Herald opins:
> Yeah Leifr, I know you asked the merman, but first you get the octopus.
> Style: It's a great sign, but as heraldry it's gacky. Nevertheless, I
>        think it might be *legal*.

How about a Rose Proper in Cheerful Splendor?  I like Bertram's idea, 
just as a ammusing way to get the device in the books.  Quick, submit it 
with the April 1st letter.  Of course, the artists all have to draw it wrong
(i.e., face sideways :-) ).
> Conflict: Oops. Ever hear of the "red rose of Lancaster"? It's probably
>           a conflict. Which is only fitting, as the good ship *Mary
>           Rose* was in the fleet of a Lancaster/Tudor king....

Oh, stuff Lancaster, I never liked the Tudors anyway.  Just a French 
imposition on Fair England which resulted in the spilling of more English 
Royal Blood then the whole War of the Roses.
> *BUT* -- who ever said you had to register the thing before using it?
Yah, like, anyone is going to try to take it away from us anyway.

> All IMHO of course.

And a goodly opinion too.
> (For those who don't know or remember, a kraken is a ten-legged octopus.)
> Regards,
> Evan da Collaureo, Kraken Herald.
Leifr, who confesses to have thought up this gacky design in the first place.
But the sign was Lady Yseabeau's idea.