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miscellaneous coronation tidbits

greetings to all at the merry rose!

if you were at coronation and found a mary baldwin college wrist watch 
with a davidson college class ring threaded on it, *please* contact me 

as some of you may know, the polling for sacred stone's new coronet 
closed at midnight saturday night.  at 1am their majesties michael & 
seonaid announced to the populace (at least, those of us still up at that 
hour) the new coronet.

in three weeks time, the honorable lady rachel de johnstone will be 
invested as the new singleton baroness of sacred stone.  (come to 
investiture!  it's going to be a heckuva lot of fun.... :) )  for rachel, 
and for the wisdom of their majesties:  vivat!  vivat!  vivat!

congratulations also to master brok, newest companion of the order of the 


angharad melys, free scholar
sacred stone / windmaster's hill