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Re: Re[2]: That pesky favor thread!

Keilyn writes that

     Badges/tokens/favors for an imaginary bar aren't exactly pre-17th C

No, but they aren`t glaringly mundane -- wearing a small bit of 
embroidered cloth on one`s person is a little more pre-17th C looking 
than a T-shirt.

Souveniers *are* in period -- I recall seeing a slide of a bread-pan that 
was supposed to have been a souvenier from a Holy Land church -- and 
while there is no precedence for a bit of cloth which symbolically means 
"I went to the Merry Rose Tavern and all I got was this silly thing," 
well, there`s no precedence for calling a guy who`s been king twice a 
duke, but we seem to manage to get along with that just fine (in my 
persona`s time, a guy who`d been king twice would have been killed at 
least once) ;) ...