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Re: Re[2]: That pesky favor thread!

> >The benefit of badges/tokens/favors/etc. is that they can be worn at 
> >events and suchlike; the last time I checked, t-shirts are not exactly 
> >an attempt at pre-seventeenth century garb.  ;)
>      Badges/tokens/favors for an imaginary bar aren't exactly pre-17th C 
>      anything.

well, if you're going to look at it in that light neither are 
badges/tokens/favors for an imaginary lady.  i would imagine that the 
merry rose is as much an attempt to create the atmosphere of a period 
tavern (think about it; we talk politics, sing songs, and harass our 
friends...) as melys is an attempt to create the trappings of a period 
woman.  melys lives in an apartment in chapel hill and drives a car to 
events; the merry rose denizens communicate by email.  i see many 
parallels, and yet killian bears my favor, and other bear my token, and 
none take issue...

(milady keilyn, i'm not trying to be argumentative, just to present 
another perspective on the matter!)

					in service (i hope!), 


angharad melys, free scholar
sacred stone / windmaster's hill