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Archery at Spring Carnival

Unto all those who delight in the use of the bow and shaft....


It appears that we will be able to indulge in the joys of archery at the
Roxbury Mill Spring Carnival on the 22nd of April.

Unfortunately, this turn of events has caught me woefully unprepared. The
general situation is, I need an archery range. Targets, backdrops, you
name it..... Please, if you are able and willing to render assistance,
contact me at the following:

Please be aware, however, that I have just gone on my night shift schedule.
So please, no calls before late afternoon. (I do have an answering machine
if you call when I am at work) Also, I may be delayed in responding to E-mail.
But I will respond......

					In the service of archers,

					Orendil Aelfwine
					  (and my bow, ArrowSlayer)