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Re: Re[2]: That pesky favor thread!

Excerpts from mail: 3-Apr-95 Re: Re[2]: That pesky favor.. by many w. c.
q. love@cyber 
> > >The benefit of badges/tokens/favors/etc. is that they can be worn at 
> > >events and suchlike; the last time I checked, t-shirts are not exactly 
> > >an attempt at pre-seventeenth century garb.  ;)
> >      
> >      Badges/tokens/favors for an imaginary bar aren't exactly pre-17th C 
> >      anything.
> well, if you're going to look at it in that light neither are 
> badges/tokens/favors for an imaginary lady.  i would imagine that the 
> merry rose is as much an attempt to create the atmosphere of a period 
> tavern (think about it; we talk politics, sing songs, and harass our 
> friends...) 

  Ummm.... I'm not an Atlantian, and am not likely to see many
  of you good folk save at Pennsic, but would it be all that hard
  to wear a rose upon your person and a smile on your face to be
  recognized as a patron of the Merry Rose?

  My smiling best -- Bertram