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Re[4]: That pesky favor thread!

     All right, all right.  I said:

>      Badges/tokens/favors for an imaginary bar aren't exactly pre-17th C 
>      anything.

To which Melys replies:
>well, if you're going to look at it in that light neither are 
>badges/tokens/favors for an imaginary lady.

Ah, my concern was more with wearing the favors of a bar, rather than 
it's real or imaginary status.  Yes, as someone mentioned, we do have 
examples of souvenir tokens and the like from the RMA (Real Middle Ages) 
but as far as I can recollect, they are primarily from pilgrimage sites.  
Now, I can see making a case for Cheapside being a pilgrimage site.... 

Otherwise I'm still for the tankard idea....