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Re: Re[4]: That pesky favor thread!

Keilyn clarifies:

> Ah, my concern was more with wearing the favors of a bar, rather than 
> it's real or imaginary status.  Yes, as someone mentioned, we do have 
> examples of souvenir tokens and the like from the RMA (Real Middle Ages) 
> but as far as I can recollect, they are primarily from pilgrimage sites.  
> Now, I can see making a case for Cheapside being a pilgrimage site.... 
> :-)

OIC!!  *smack head, pleads insanity*  now that you put it that way, it 
*does* make more sense...  i still like bertram's idea of a rose and a 
smile, tho. :))  and tankards would definitely be a good trick...

						...melys, catching a clue
						(look!  there it went again!)

angharad melys, free scholar
sacred stone / windmaster's hill