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Re: That pesky favor thread!

Greetings, O Leifr!

Oh, but it's not all _that_ gacky ....  :-)  
> Well, as the concoctor of this gacky badge, I must agree with Lady 
> Karen that favors, color prints, and mugs would all be lovely items 
> to sell for raising funds for some charity or Kingdom fund.  And I 
> think we could prepare an order form which says something like: 
> 	I would like a: 
> 		Favor:		____ 
> 		Color Print:	____ 
> 		Mug:		____ 
> 	Please use my donation for the: 
> 		Kingdom Travel Fund	____ The 
> 		Oak			____ Kingdom Crown 
> 		Fund	____ 	(if it still needs money?) Make a 
> 		wish Foundation	____ 
> 		Other			____________ 
> So that we could give the money to the fund or charity of our choice.

I'll take one of each, and put the money wherever it is needed .... :-)  Oh, 
okay, I'll wait for the actual order form .... (Meli rubs her eyes and yawns 
behind her embroidery hoop .... It's not even 10 o'the clock, and yet hast 
been one lo-o-o-o-o-ong day!)
> Now all we have to decide is what the mug/color print should say.  
> Maybe something like: 
> 	"I lurk at the Merry Rose at Cheapside"

I like it!  I like it!
> > Hoping I haven`t started another one of these barroom brawls, I remain 
> > 
> Not til we've taught her a little more at Wednesday practice ;-).

Brawling 101, new course at Caer GMU .... :-)

Could somebody check with Registration and see if there are any spaces left in 
this class?  (in-joke for anyone who has ever had to suffer through college 
registration in this day and age ....)

I wouldn't mind learning some of this, myself!  Can someone who's pushing 
forty learn to fight??

So, who's going to University?  I am ....