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Favors & Stuff

Why look!  Meli _is_ still alive!  And she still has her net access ....  if 
not her net assets ....

Pesky favors .... pesky, fresh favors .... who will buy!?

(Meli has also had very little sleep .... so of course she heads for the 
tavern, na?)

Okay, I think the favors (for lack of a better word; they'll really be 
embroidered whatzits, a highly technical term upon which Lord Henry can no 
doubt enlighten us <g>) will be cute, and as soon as I get off my lame bu--uh, 
farthingale and get the pattern to Lady Karen, she and I will begin 
embroidering like fiends.  Or something. :-)  They'll be eventually available 
for anyone who wants one, and if someone sends/gives money, all the better--
Karen's idea of charity toward Kingdom and local whatevers is a nice idea, 

However, I also think the tankard idea is Immensely Cool (tm) and I hope 
something will happen with that.  I'll take several ....

T-shirts.  Hmm.  "My persona hangs out at the Merry Rose, and all I get is 
this t-shirt."  Or not ....  Heck, I'd wear it.  I have the Plague Tour t-
shirt, and a Robert E. Lee Victory Tour shirt, and many shirts with 
Competitor's Logos on them .... in short, while schlepping luggage and 
pavilion and whatever at events, before I put on my pretties and all that 
fancy stuff for being medievalish, I'll wear all sorts of things.  (hmmm ....) 
So t-shirts are harmless and a Good Idea (tm) also ....

Meli dislikes disagreeing with anyone! :-) 

>  Keilyn clarifies:   
> > Ah, my concern was more with wearing the favors of a bar, rather 
> > than it's real or imaginary status.  Yes, as someone mentioned, we 
> > do have examples of souvenir tokens and the like from the RMA 
> > (Real Middle Ages) but as far as I can recollect, they are 
> > primarily from pilgrimage sites.  
> > Now, I can see making a case for Cheapside being a pilgrimage site.... 
> > :-) 

Pilgrimage site.  <grin> I _like_ that ....  I can see it ....
> OIC!!  *smack head, pleads insanity*  now that you put it that way, 
> it *does* make more sense...  i still like bertram's idea of a rose and 
> a smile, tho. :))  and tankards would definitely be a good trick... 
> 						...melys, catching a clue 
> 						(look!  there 
> 						it went again!) 

Doggone clues.  Aren't they just the dickens?  They run away from me, too ....