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Re: Re[4]: That pesky favor thread!

Lady Brigantia asks:

> One problem with the tankard favor. For some reason, our household badge has
> beer tankards on it and we seldom even drink! If I have to wear any more
> regalia with tankards on it, people will begin to think that I am of the
> political party drunk  group and I'm not!  Perhaps a rose emblem wearing a
> sweet smile (Merry Rose, get it)?
> Brigantia
Ah, Brigantia, ah, the favor would be a cloth bearing the 'unofficial' 
Merry Rose badge, a rose proper with a smiley ( :-) ) sideways on the 
center yellow part (Lord Evan could blazon that correctly, in fact he 
has).  The Tankard would be a mug with the badge on it, and hopefully 
some clever saying, like "I lurk at the Merry Rose at Cheapside".  I have 
no idea what we want to put on the t-shirt or the color print as a 
saying, maybe the same thing.

The reason to do this, of course, is so we could all recognize each other 
at events.  While we are doing it, of course, we can use these items as 
fund raisers for the Kingdom funds (travel, Oak, Crowns, etc.) or some 
other worthy charity (Toys for tots, Make a wish, Magnus Baldwin's child, 

I think these would all be nice ideas, but I have no idea what the costs 
would be.  Someone could perhaps talk to Earl Daffyd or Lord Fritz and 
get an notion?  I think that we could have these items ready for July 
University, if not sooner.

In Service
Leifr Johansson