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Greetings to ye of the Merry Rose!

Luther wrote that
> You Know You've Been In Alantia Too Long When...
>      1)   You're Driving through Reston Va and see a big van with the
>           liscense plate ATLNTIA.

to which Meli responded that
>Ah, yes--Bambi's beloved battlewagon ....  :-)  This van belongs to a very
>dear, sweet lady, a fine seamstress whose SCA name I have never known, 
but who
>has more fabric than even I do.

Wow, that's Bambi's car?  *blink* *blink* ... I'm sorry, for those of you 
who don't know, I first met Bambi when I was knee-high to very small 
grasshoppers ... myself and my two younger sisters were in her ballet 
classes.  My parents had a hard enough time believing that the nice lady 
who used to give me ballet lessons was in the same SCA I was in ... ;)

I dunno, when I see Bambi at events, sometimes I halfway expect her to 
whip out a microphone and start singing songs about mices as she dances 
around ... I imagine that to be difficult even in a battlewagon :)

Karen Larsdatter