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Re: Star Trek does Beowulf!

Karen wrote:

> On a completely offtopic post ;) Kendrick asked whether the HoloDoc had 
> chosen a name ... seems to me that Rick Berman & Co. had chosen 
> "Zimmerman" long ago, 'acos somehow even feeble-minded me knew he was Dr. 
> Zimmerman while watching the pilot ... ;)

I seem to remember the mention of a Dr. Zimmerman as being one of the Docs
that programmed him..."He looks a lot like me" was something the HoloDoc
said to a crewman (the blond guy I think). Anyway, I didn't catch the use
of a name for him in the article I posted and Kendrick mentioned, so I
can only shrug my shoulders and wait for the episode to air too.

In service,

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