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Re: *walxo-z

On Sun, 9 Apr 1995 Hggerald@aol.com wrote:

> Good day,
>      Lord Istvan inquires whether Walachia derives from the same root as
> Wales.  I think it is probable.  The root of Wales is Old Teutonic *walxo-z
> (according to my handy pocket OED) which means 'foreigner or celtic.'  It is
> also the root for the word ''walnut'  which was formerly not wall-nut, but
> rather wa(e)lsh-nut -- those nuts from elsewhere.

My thanks, milord, for your reply.  Apparently, the people of that region
were called the Vlachs, although I don't recall if that was a name the
Romans gave them, or it was a term the Dacians (the original people of
that land) gave to the Romans when they settled in that part of the Balkans.

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