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Re: University Review

Ianthe writes:

>>>It's difficult enough for students to learn, what with the high
    cost of lodging, the dearness of books, parchement and ink, and
    the lure of gambling and friendly taverns - not the least of
    which is the 'Rose.  Now I find that an idle comment has turned a
    venerated scholar into a instrument that quickens the pulse of
    half the population.<<<

Only half?

>>>    Sadly, I have only myself to blame.  I offer my deepest apologies
    to Henry, and beg all ladies in his presence NOT to look at his
    ankles.  Stare fixedly into his eyes, follow his
    fingertips as they wave in the air when he speaks; watch
    his hat, contemplate his medallions of office, but avoid looking
    everything from the point of his shoes to his gartered knees.
    Especially his ankles.<<<<

Dear Lady,  
      One does *try* to concentrate on the advancement of knowledge when
attending University.  But I find myself unable to concentrate on anything
but the grace and eloquence of the good Chancellor's hands when he is
speaking.  I am mesmerized by the music of his language (not that I am near
to fluent in it yet!)  And when he speaks there *is* no where else to look.
  The way the feather in his cap bounces jauntily as he moves his head when
emphasizing his point.  The way his medallions flash when the light hits them
*just so* looks just the way his eyes sparkle when he.......And his knees!!!
(Men should *NOT* be permitted to display their knees in public)  Where *is*
one supposed to look??? His earlobes?.... no good.... :::sigh::::

Anne Elizabeth