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Re: Fair Sylvan Glen, what would they do

Kendrick points out:
> > I must confess that I have not talked with any gentle from Sylvan Glen, 
> Actually, Leifr, Istvaan, who has posted recently about this, I believe
> is a member of Sylvan Glen.
Yes, Kendrick, I remembered that after I looked over the posts on this 
subject.  In fact, it was Istvan who asked if the southwest cessetion (I 
wish I knew what their group is to be called) set a precedent.  And I 
pointed out that Border Vale Keep set that precedent years ago.

So at least someone in Sylvan Glen is thinking about joining fair Atlantia.

Next up ....

Surely you don't think that represents the last of our territorial ambitions?

Leifr Johansson