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Re: Greetings

    To the learned Elaine Gilbert of Roxbury from Ianthe greetings -

    I am delighted to hear that we may meet again at the Roxbury
    Carnival on April 12.  Shameless plugs need repeating, especially
    as it looks like I may be moving to new estates within that shire
    before the end of the year.

    Thank you for the delightful riddle.  May I hazard a guess?

    A Horn

          I was an armed warrior. Now a gallant young bachelor
          covers me with gold and silver,
          with twisted wires.

    Once a bull's weapon.  Horns were often decorated before use.

          Sometimes men kiss me.
          Sometimes, by means of my sound, I summon
          good comrades to battle.  Sometimes a horse
          carries me over the march.  Sometimes the steed of the sea
          bears me, bright with ornaments, over the waves.

    Horn as instrument, played by a kiss

          Sometimes a woman, ring-adorned,
          fills my bosom.  Sometimes I must lie stripped,
          hard and headless, on the boards of a table.
          Sometimes, decked with trappings, and beautiful,
          I hang on the wall where men are drinking.

    Drinking horns, filled by the lady of the house, offered to
    honored guests.

          Sometimes warriors carry me on horseback,
          a noble ornament in an army, when, treasure-adorned,
          I must swallow the breath from some one's breast.
          Sometimes, by means of my notes, I invite
          gallant men to their wine.  Sometimes, by my voice,
          I must rescue from foes what has been stolen
          and put enemies to flight.  Discover what I am called.

    Horn as instrument again.

    Let me fill one for you!  Tadhg, I hope your much lauded mead is
    avaible for that task.  Riddles deserve no less.

    -Ianthe                             kim.salazar@em.doe.gov