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RE: Kingdom-jumping

Having been born in Wise Co., and until a few years ago having lived 
for several years just a few miles from Abingdon, I can vouche that we 
were pretty cut off from outside help and communication.  It saddens me 
 that the area had to leave the wonderful kingdom of Atlantia.  I hope 
that this move will help to expand the resources available to SCAdians 
who live in this area.

Lord Gawain Kilgore
From: Tom Brady  <duncan@vt.edu>
To:  <atlantia-l@netcom.com>
Subject: Kingdom-jumping
Date: Tuesday, April 11, 1995 1:23PM

Lord Tadgh writes:

>Before you start nominating Sylvan Glen for secession, you should make sure
>want that change. It is probably not universal--and the politics have to be
>completely ironed out on their side with their people. Timothy will
probably be
>two years off the throne before any transition is thinkable--and THEY have
to do
>the thinking.

Indeed. The history behind the turnover of the Far Southwest Virginia 
lands is a
long one, fraught with calls for help from Abingdon and Wise County that
unfortunately we just could not support from Blacksburg. To the best of my
knowledge, only somewhere between five and ten active members of the SCA
are affected by the cession to Meridies, and since they were/are playing
exclusively with Meridies anyway, that effect is remarkably small anyway. The
folks I talked to down that way were very nice, and I wish them well.

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