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     My thanks to Rencester for a picturesque site and lots of hard
work, to Elizabeth Beaufort for running the UA machine with such
stunning grace and efficiency, to the UA38 deans, Deirdre, Corun,
Tehair, and Tadhg, for working richly textured miracles, and to the
teachers, for their selfless gifts to the kingdom in the name of
knowledge. Lots of wonderful things happened at April University.
You make the kingdom brighter with your efforts and generosity.
     With deep regrets, I must postpone the 39th session of
University, formerly slated for July, due to crippling personal
circumstance. I apologize to you for having to make this decision.
I had hoped to increase the number of sessions from two per year;
but I am simply unable to hold a July session. Look for the next
session in September or October, subject to permission from whoever
wins the next crown. 
     Henry Best

PS My thanks for all the merry teasing I have received from the
denizens of the Merry Rose, of late. I am not really in any shape to
respond in kind; but, I want you to know that reading them brightens
my day.