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Bertram's dire response.

Taking up the gauntlet Tadhg casts down, Lord Bertram says,
> > 
L   >Remember, we're not taking Sylvan Glen away from the East, we're saving 
L   >them from being AEthelmearcian.
> > 
T > From my dealings to date, I doubt "save" is an appropriate word. I can 
T > see saving them from the East--I can't really see saving them from 
T > AEthelmearc.
> > 
B   The folks in Sylvan Glen seem to be quite fine people and we're more
B   than pleased to have them as part of AEthelmearc, believe me.  Here in
B   the Noble Borderland we understand what it's like to be away from things.
B   To me, it seems like an excellent invitation for battle... SOME day...
B   T'would be great fun!  My best -- Bertram
That's it!  Lord Bertram, Tadhg has implied better of you then this!

But as we all know, Sylvan Glen's fate is in Sylvan Glen's hands.  I'm 
sure fair Atlantia would be happy to welcome the addition, if the people 
of Sylvan Glen desire it.

Of course, it is a good excuse for an Atlantian-AEthelmearc war ;-).

Further implications of which are ammusing to contemplate, but not 
appropriate to discuss at this time.

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