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Need SCA contact in Newport News

Greetings unto the Merry Pranksters,

While having lunch in the sun with my Lady at Univesity, a pair of students
from W&M came up to us and asked us about the SCA. One of the ladies had
been a member when she lived in the West Kingdom, but had gotten out of
touch since moving out here. I didn't have an Acorn handy and so could not
give her the name of the Seneschal or Chronicler for the Barony, which I
believe is Marinus (if I'm wrong, then whoever handles Newport News will
know and be able to deal with this).

Anyway, the lady's name is Patricia O'Grady and she can be reached at
804-595-1895, or by email at jade@ksmith.egs.com (she thinks, she wasn't
too sure). If anyone from that area could contact her, she would appreciate
it. Thank you.

In service,

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