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Re: That stupid surcharge

>    Personally, I think it's stupid--and should be summarily revoked.

I agree with this completely.  I also think the surcherge has the same
moral justification as a protection racket (although I suppose the same
could be said of most of the revenue-enhance schemes of the Period).

>    Unfortunately, I don't have the authority to do that--so I'm looking 
>    for alternatives. While it's too late for this event, I wonder what 
>    you would think of some alternative approaches:
>       1)      Make event donation only--no surcharge is collected;    
>       2)      Make event donation and dinner fee--again, no surcharge;
>       3)      Put a bucket out for non-member fees--they pay into bucket;
>       4)      Establish a "typical Atlantian ratio" and write a check;
>       5)      Just keep doing it the same old way--pay through the nose.

I think that 3 is the best choice.

This reminds me of something that I'd like to relate, although I am rather
embarrassed by it.  Many, many years ago, long before there was an official
surcharge, I went to an event for which one dollar would be deducted from
the fee to those who presented Proof of Membership.  (To encourage gentles
to join the Corporation, I suppose).  Well, I sent in my check for
the discounted amount, and offered as Proof my word as a gentleman.
When I got to the event, the autocratte (a Lady whom I was acquainted with)
told me that Policy required that I show either my card or a Kingdom
newsletter as Proof.  I said that I would be happy to show my card, but
would prefer to show it by being called into court, where I could place the
card, within a glove, at her feet.  (I was imagining this leading to a pie-
fight at some later event).  The autocratte smiled very broadly and said
it would not be necessary, she would accept my word.  Only later did I find
that her smile was a rictus of extreme social discomfort; that, in fact, she
was not amused.  Since then I've tried to be more sensitive about such matters.
-- Alfredo