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Roman bone carved objects resource (fwd)

Boy, the historic costume list sure has had a lot of interesting things 
lately.  This book sounds like a phenomenal resource for bone objects...


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Maria T. BIRO, The Bone Objects of the Roman Collection
=Catalogi Musei Nationalis Hungarici, Series Archaeologica II.
Budapest, 1995
ISBN 963 7421 83 1
ISSN 1217-632X
230 pp, paperback, 29x20 cm
illustrated text, map and 88 plates, (drawings and photographs)

The book can be obtained by book-exchange at the
Central Archaeological Library of the Hungarian National Museum
Mail address: Budapest VIII., Muzeum krt. 14/16 P.O.B. 364

C O N T E N T S :

 1. The possible classification of bone carvings as reflected by sources
 2. The technical process of bone carving
 3. Theoretical aspects of determining bone carving workshops

I. Bone carvings decorating weapons and military equipment
 1. Sword and dagger pommels
 2. Hilt guards and basket hilts
 3. Hilts
 4. Scabbard slides
 5. Scabbard chapes
 6. Ferrules
 7. Bow stiffeners and plates

II. Carved bone ornaments of the provincial wear
 1. Buttons
 2. Buckles
 3. Dress pins (fibulae)

III. Jewellery
 1. Bracelets
 2. Rings
 3. Beads
 4. Necklace ornaments, pendants (crepundia)

IV. Hair-styles. The use of bone hair-pins, and comb use of the Romans
 1. Undecorated bone hair-pins
 2. Globular pins
 3. Decorative pins
 4. Combs

V. Bone objects connected with cosmetics and physical culture
 1. Unguentum jars (narthecium)
 2. Spatulae (focus)
 3. Unguentum sticks
 4. Casket mounts

VI. Bone objects of everyday use and tools made of bone
 1. Spoons
 2. Knives
 3. Knot looseners, mouthpieces of bits, arrow-heads, punchers or perforators
 4. Tools of women's housework: sewing needles, spinning and weaving equipments

VII. The spread of using written records - writing and counting implements
made of bone
 1. Writing tablets (pugillares, cera)
 2. Styli
 3. Counting discs (calculi)

VIII. Carved furniture decoration
 1. Pivots, hinges

IX. Entertainment, play
 1. Musical instruments (lyre, flutes)
 2. Games (dice, board games)
 3. Sports (stigilis)

X. Sacral objects, religious relics

XI. Bone objects of unknown function and unfinished workshops pieces

Catalogue (859 entries)
 Provenance of the objects as listed in the catalogue
 Dating of types
Plates (I-LXXXIII)