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re:That stupid surcharge

Just to add my 2 cents worth....

Tir-y-don has discussed this in our business meetings, and we decided that 
if we couldn't do away with the surcharge ourselves we would try to word it 
in terms that didn't automatically make people feel mean.  So we offer a 3 
dollar 'discount' to folks who can show proof of membership and have also 
instituted a policy that folks who introduce or sponsor new people to the 
Society pay the surcharge for them for the first few events (all completely 
voluntary, of course!).  

Those folks that aren't newcomers and choose not to become 'official' 
members generally feel that they're still paying less to play than if they 
bought a membership card.  I mean, think about it-one would have to attend 
12 events a year to make a membership "pay off" (if you don't count 
publications) what you would pay in non-member surcharges each year.  Many 
people only play locally for 4-5 events a year.  They may feel that they're 
getting a bargain.  

Anyway, just thought I'd throw another opinion into the ring. 

Closing in haste,
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