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Re: That stupid surcharge

Greetings from Tibor.

Iseulte wrote that Tir-y-don is cloaking the surcharge in language such as
"a discount for non-members" an trying to find other folks to pay it.

Ugly is Beauty, Black is White, Truth is Lies.

The charge has nothing to do with membership, or the costs of non-members.
The price for events is being inflated to no good end.  The corporation that
cannot budget, and has not changed it's accounting methods since it
squandered last years funds, is still grabbing funds in all the wrong

At least have the courage to call it what it is.  Accomodation with this
devil is still sin.

If you must do anything at all to placate this demon, estimate the number of
non-members at your event, raise the price for everyone to account for it,
pay the fee to Milpitas, and donate the rest to your group or some worthy

Better yet.  Tell folks that this event would have charged X to attend, but
that it is donations only.  Set up the gate as usual, but don't require
folks to check in.  You won't lose money, and the surcharge becomes moot.

Or, adopt the Eastern Technique.  Place a basket near the gate, and place a
sign on it explaining the non-member surcharge.  Let those who choose to
placate Milpitas, do so.  At the end of the day, send the money to Milpitas.

Render to Caesar what is Caesars.