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RE: A request

I hope these are correct. They're the ones I was taught. Please someone 
correct me if any mistakes crop up.

Days moving fast and Legends long past
But some still remember the place
A place where skill and beauty lie still
A bastion of honor and grace
A bastion of honor and grace

Will you take the belt and the chain
that this dream may yet live again
Swear your heart to Chivalry's art
Swear your sword to our gain (some claim this is Game)
Swear your sword and be chained

Take the young boy and make him a page
Teach him skill to come of age
Teach valor, and honor, and truth
Give him these gifts in his youth
Give him these gifts in his youth


Take the young man and make him a squire
Teach him arms to serve his sire.
Teach him Chivalry, Strength without stain
For someday he too will be chained
Someday he'll take belt and chain


Take the belt as a badge of your worth
The chain where your oath is interred
Hold fast to Honor as hard as it seams
For you guard the halls of our dreams
You guard the hall of our dreams



Again, my apologies for any mistakes.

Micheal Ryan of York

From: "Cheryl L. Martin"  <zofran@acpub.duke.edu>
To: atlantia mailing list  <atlantia-l@netcom.com>
Subject: A request
Date: Monday, April 17, 1995 1:19PM

Will someone please, please post the words to 'Belt & Chain'?  Or email
them to me?

In(hopeful) gratitude,
Ayo Folashade Oshun

Cheryl L. Martin
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