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Re: RE: A request

Lord Michael Ryan posted the words to the song _Belt & Chain_, and humbly
asks for any corrections.  They may be small, but here's my two pence:

<Will you take the belt and the chain
<that this dream may yet live again
<Swear your heart to Chivalry's art
<Swear your sword to our gain (some claim this is Game)
<Swear your sword and be chained

I beleive that the second line should read "That history may yet live
again..."  But I have never seen the written version.  I learned the song
from Julitta de Chauvox's learning tapes, so I could have just misheard her.
 Does anyone know for sure?  (BTY, sorry for the bad French spelling).  I
also am pretty sure it's "Game."

<Hold fast to Honor as hard as it seams
<For you guard the halls of our dreams

I would spell it "seems" but then some would call me picky.

A' the best,