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Pennsic Merchants UPDATE

[As posted elsewhere...]

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The following was sent out today from the Pennsic Autocrats. I'm sorry
for the confusion, since this is different from what was sent a few months
ago. Please distribute this in any way you can.
	On a related note, the info on advertising in the on-site publication
has changed. I will be sending out a release as soon as I find out who checks
are made to.


Good gentles of this list - 
I apologize to those who scan AOL, Compuserve, and the Rialto for the
repeated information, and especially those who have little interest in
the affairs of Pennsic Merchants.  I am mailing the enclosed information
to this little list, in the hopes that it will assist in the dissemination
of information to any who might need it.
                - Alexis MacAlister, O.L. 
                  1 of 3 Pennsic 24 Autocrats      
The following information in being submitted for Dave Cooper by the Pennsic 24
Autocrats.  Permission is granted to reproduce as widely as possible.
Due to unfortunate family circumstances, Rufus and Raya will not be the
merchant liasons for Pennsic 24.  All requests for merchant booth information
for Pennsic 24 should be mailed to:
                Cindy Cooper-Tracy
                111 Curie Road
                Slippery Rock, PA  16057
All telephone calls pertaining to merchant information should be placed to the
above number.  The business hours for contacting Cindy are 9am to 9pm EST.
There is an answering machine dedicated to this phone line.  It will be
connected and on at all times.

Today, Monday, April 17th, 1995, merchant packets were mailed to all Pennsic
23 merchants of record.  In addition, anyone who had sent requests to Rufus
and Raya should be receiving merchanting information.

The basic merchant lay-out will be the same - no major changes are
anticipated at this time.  Merchants for Pennsic 24 who request the same
booth space they occupied at Pennsic 23 are very likely to receive their
request.  All new merchants will be placed on a waiting list and will
be inserted as space becomes available.

DEADLINES:  On May 5th, 1995, the Coopers will begin allocating merchant
booth spaces.  May 17th, 1995 is the final deadline for both merchant
space and advertising.

Again - please distribute as widely as possible.

The Pennsic 24 Autocrats, and the Coopers

From: Beverly Roden <ac508@DAYTON.WRIGHT.EDU>

From: Sarah R Rogers <crystoma@ecn.purdue.edu>
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