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Question about Favors

     Greetings to knowledgeable gentles gathered at the Merry Rose,
     I have a question about favors, or tokens of favor, whichever is the 
     more correct way of saying it. My impression from my readings is that, 
     in period, at favor was merely a piece of personal clothing, a scarf 
     or sleeve or whatever, that was given to a warrior before battle. This 
     was carried into battle as a good luck charm. Correct?
     My real question is about the SCA tradition of favors. First, what is 
     the true significance of a favor? Secondly, if I wanted to make a 
     favor, what would be most appropriate to put on it? Should I do it in 
     his color or mine or both? Should it be one of our arms or just 
     something pretty?
     Any help will be appreciated. This might be a good subject to write up 
     and submit for the known world handbook. I checked there and couldn't 
     find any info. Maybe I'll do that. Any references to sources of info 
     on favors in period will be appreciated too.
     Deoca of Elvegast
     Jenny Granger