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re: Question about Favors

Some stuff about Favors which no one has directly mentioned so far:

   If you wear another's favor, your actions can reflect upon their honor.
One of the primary messages of a favor, in my opinion, is that the giver
considers you an honorable person and trusts you enough to link their
honor with yours.

   For this reason, it is generally understood that the favor _remains
the property of the giver_ and that the giver has the right and, indeed,
the responsibility, to ask that the favor be returned, if need be. I
think that it is an extremely dishonorable act to refuse to return a 
favor when the giver asks for it back.

   When I wear a favor, I feel that I have relinquished the right to 
behave dishonorably, because to do so dishonors someone who trusts me.