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Re: Acorn & Oak

Alfredo mentions two questions, which I reduce for simplicity to the
following (which isn't quite what he asked, but will provide an
answer nonetheless):
	What is the Oak?
	Why is Atlantia's newsletter called the Acorn?

The Oak is Atlantia's A&S issue of the Acorn, which comes out approximately
twice a year.  I have the honour to be editor of the Oak.

In the dawn of history, all of the Eastern Seaboard south of Ostgard and
east of the Mississippi was the Barony of Mrkwood.  The newsletter of
this large (but sparsely populated) Barony was the Acorn.  In the fullness
of time Mrquuod shrank as other groups grew, but when Atlantia became a
Principality of the East Kingdom, many years later and many years ago
('round about the invention of Dirt, or maybe Just Before Dirt (JBD),
as the scholars refer to such dates) the Acorn became the newsletter
of the newly-formed principality.  As time passed further, (as tends
to happen) Atlantia became a Kingdom, and its principality newsletter
thus became its Kingdom newsletter.

As a small irony, the Barony of Murqwd did not elect to follow Atlantia
in separating from the East, but remained for some time part of the East,
which resulted in its original newsletter being fully independent from
it.  Later still (soon after the invention of Stew) Mhrkwid joined Atlantia,
subsequently joining with Arendale to become the fair Barony of Lochmere
(this last event happening at the beginning of Recent History, seven years
ago next Pennsic).

What has this to do with the large statue of an acorn in Raleigh?
Nothing, as it turns out.  Synchronicity, nothing more or less.

Dafydd ap Gwystl