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WARNING- Silliness was RE>>

        Reply to:   WARNING: Silliness was RE>> Acorn & Oak

His Excellency, Earl Dafydd ap Gwystl writes:
8< SNIPPAGE of an amusing red herring

>What has this to do with the large statue of an acorn in Raleigh?
>Nothing, as it turns out.  Synchronicity, nothing more or less.

He's covering up, folks. Through arduous research and death-defying 
sleuthing, I have uncovered the truth.

The acorn statue in Raleigh is not really a statue at all. It is the
Mother Ship for all the royal peers in Atlantia. (Did no one else ever 
wonder why it has those stabilizers on it?!!) Some time ago,
about 1 JBD, the Acorn Mother Ship landed, bringing with it all the
royal peers-to-be of Atlantia. Naturally, most of them were in a
dehydrated state so that they could all fit inside the ship. One peer
alone was left in a normal state to safely pilot the ship to Earth and
to rehydrate all the other peers, which are kept safely in separate
jars in his basement until new royal peers are needed (due to an
unfortunate accident, however, he lost the key to his basement, so
no fresh peers have emerged in a while). That peer is...well, I'll tell
you at the end of the message.

The purpose of the infiltration was to eventually get Acorn Peers
on the thrones of all the kingdoms of the Known World (now, I'm not
going to name names here, but have there been any recent Atlantian
exports to other thrones?.... hmmmmm....).

So anyway, there may be some truth if you overhear someone saying,
"(The king, that person, her excellency, etc.) is from Mars."

But you didn't hear this from me. And that is why I am sending this
using the anonymous posting service, because if they found out who
I am...what..? What do you mean, "This isn't anonymous"? Of course