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Principality Newsletters

Hi folks!

We here in AEthelmearc are curious about the experiences of
folks in other principalities (that eventually became kingdoms),
particularly about the number of subscribers they had for their
newsletters at the time they went kingdom.

Here's a list of the newsletters of the 13 kingdoms:

     West         The Page           Not Applicable/Never a Principality
     East         The Pikestaff      Not Applicable/Never a Principality 
     Middle       The Pale           Not Applicable/Never a Principality
     Atenveldt    Southwinds         Was it ever a Principality?
     Meridies     Popular Chivalry    
     Caid         The Crown Prints  
     Atlantia     The Acorn         
     Ansteorra    The Black Star     
     An Tir       The Crier          
     Calontir     The Mews           
     Trimaris     Talewinds         
     Outlands     Outlandish Herald  
     Drachenwald  The Dragon's Tale

If anyone has any information about the number of subscribers, or
especially about the ratio of principality newsletter subscribers
to people who had paid memberships with Milpitas at the time your
area went kingdom, I know we'd greatly appreciate hearing about it.

Many thanks in advance for your help -- my best -- Bertram

 Bertram of Bearington                        AEthelmearc Chronicler
 Dave Schroeder          President   Renaissance Information Systems