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May 19-21, help

Greetings all!
I would at this time ask for help from anyone not attending any
other events on May 19-21. My shire has a station each year at
Danville's Festival in the Park, and this year should be no
exception. I myself will not be able to attend, as a friend is
graduating from MCV that weekend, but the other Drakkens will
be at hand. Should anyone care to come to this demo, we would
be incredibly grateful. We will have a small list field,
15'x15', for one-on-one fighting, maybe two-on-two at most,
both heavy and rapier. There will be a table set up from which
we dispense information about the Society, and at which we have
small A&S things going on. We would appreciate any other
fighters, musicians, artisans, dancers, etc. Festival is a
small affair, but *relaxing*! You can even ride the kiddie
rides (they have the one that spins you around in a circle as
you go around in a larger circle; the spider?)! If you need
crash space, Lady Rosalind of Paradox Keep opens up her Keep
for you. As for food, Danville is the food capitol of southern
Virginia :) 
For more info and responses and the like, please reply to 

eurbanik@leo.vsla.edu (Elenore)
paradox@ns.gamewood.net (Rosalind)

Also, the flyer for Sacred Stone's Novice Tourney will be
mailed out shortly, so keep an eye out! Contact me for a list
of motels/hotels in the area, if you don't care to tent camp.
The camp is only 15 min. max from Danville. A copy of the flyer
will be posted to the Merry Rose as well.

In service,
Lady Elenore Spyrling
Shire of Drachentor