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Archery and War Collegium 12-14 May '95

Greetings unto the Merry Rose from Tirloch! The harried autocrat,
Hreodbeorht, has asked me to post this announcement to the group about
the upcoming event. Why is he harried? He and his nice lady wife,
Tehair, have just moved from VA to MD. They are now home owners with a
mortgage as well as now dealing with the US Postal Service for
forwarded mail.

Here is Hreodbeorht's announcement:

                     ARCHERY AND WAR COLLEGIUM
                         May 12-14, 1995

The Barony of Ponte Alto and the Shire of Stierbach would like to welcome
all, combatants and noncombatants alike, to their fair lands to a
weekend-long Archery and War Collegium in preparation for the upcoming
campaign season.  
Field practicums on ARCHERY, DUELLO AND HEAVY WEAPONS .  Current class list
includes:  Armoring; Brewing; Chivalry; Campaign cooking; Chirurgeons field
knowledge; Calligraphy/illumination; How to make & furnish a pavilion;
Law of medieval war; Music as a weapon; Martial finery - banners &
pennants; Pennsic camp organization and preparation.  The huge site
has plenty of room for the planned archery CLOUT SHOOT as well as the
REGIONAL WAR PRACTICE.  There will be a wonderful Hunters FEAST
offered for your refreshment in the evening.  Lunch and continental
breakfasts will be available.  An ARTS & SCIENCES competition with a
martial theme and CHILDRENS' ACTIVITIES are planned.  BARDIC CIRCLE on
Friday & Saturday night.  

AT:  Notre Dame Academy, 35321 Notre Dame Lane, Middleburg, Virginia.

Friday:  Site opens Friday night at 6 p.m. for camping and
registration.  There will be a bardic circle Friday evening.  

Saturday:  Troll/Registration opens at 8 a.m.  First classes and
practicums start at 9:30 and run all day till 5.  Children's Activities from
2-4 p.m.  Hunter's Feast - 6 p.m.; Dancing 9-11 p.m.  Campfire Bardic
Circle beginning at 11 p.m.

Sunday: Troll/Registration opens at 9:30.  Authorizations 9:30-10:30; 
War practice and duello field practice; 1:30 IKAC & a "fox hunt" for
the non-martially inclined.  Site closes at 6 p.m. on Sunday.

RESERVATIONS:  The autocrat is Lord Hreodbeorht MacBeath (Rob Metzler), 9301
48th Place, College Park, MD 20740, (301) 474 - 3344.  

Please send reservations to the Head Troll, Lady Anne of Carthew at 
Barbara Bilodeau, 13456 Cobra Drive, Herndon, Virginia 22071-4044, 
(703) 437-6271 NTL 9:30 p.m. or e-mail barbara_bilodeau@sra.com.

COSTS:  Adult/Child Members are $7/$1 for a daytrip, $10/$2 for the weekend.
 Non-members add $3.  The Sumptuous Feast is $6 - Feast brought to you
by the Roses II & Sea Dog Tavern Kitchen Crew.  Make checks payable
to:  Barony of Ponte Alto, SCA, Inc.  Seperate CAMPING FEES, Notre
Dame Academy will be collecting $10 per tent for one night or $15 per
tent for two nights. 
Rough camping, showers in gymnasium.  Continental Breakfasts and hearty
Stierbach stew for lunch will be available for an additional modest
fee on Saturday and Sunday.  A very limited number of boarding rooms
are available directly from the Academy - contact autocrat for details.


idea and are willing to teach, contact the autocrat.

DIRECTIONS:  From North & South:  Take your best route to I495 in Virginia.
 Take 66W to 50 west.  Pass through town of Middleburg.  Go three
miles.  Turn right onto Route 611.  Travel one mile, cross a bridge
and make immediate right onto Notre Dame lane.  Road will bring you to troll.
Goodbye from Tirloch!
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