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Latest Atlantian Address List

Greetings all!
Here is the latest update to the Address List. As usual, if you
see any errors, additions, subtractions, etc., let me know! I'd
also like at this time to explain a bit about the monster. Due
to space considerations, I do not retain titles in front of
peoples' Scadian names. So, for those of you who might have
been wunderin', there ya go. Also, I'm using the spellings for
Scadian place names as they are listed in the Acorn. I know
Acorn still lists Wrattingham as W. Lynn; could someone tell me
what's up with that, so I might have the correct form? 

In service,
Lady Elenore Spyrling
Shire of Drachentor
Atlantian List

Aldrich, Chris                          Christoff of Drakkenleira
caldrich@cvgs.schools.virginia.edu      Shire of Drachentor

Andrews, Mike                           Michael Fenwick of Fotheringhay
udsd007@dsibm.okladot.state.ok.us       Barony of Namron
                                        Kingdom of Ansteorra

Aronson, Dave                           Simon

Barclay, Peter                          Terafan Greydragon
P.O. Box 71210                          Canton of Attilium
Fort Bragg, NC 28307                    Barony of Windmaster's Hill
(910) 630-6000

Beary, Karen                            Ysabeau Madeleine de Gascogne
2313 N. Dinwiddie St.                   Barony of Ponte Alto
Arlington, VA 22207
(703) 276-8124 (h)
(703) 276-5343 (w)
kbeary@usatoday.gannett.com (use only in emergency)

Bernstein, Jonna                        Rosalind Jehanne
see Davidson

Bilodeau, Barbara                       Anne of Carthew
13456 Cobra Dr.                         Barony of Ponte Alto
Herndon, VA 22071
(703) 437-6271 (h)

Bilodeau, Tom                           Tirloch of Tallaght
(703) 437-6271 (h)                      Barony of Ponte Alto
(703) 713-4119 (w)

Bjorklund, Richard A.                   Bjorn Bjorklund
8828 Mapel Ave.                         Barony of Storvik
Bowie, Md. 20720

Boals, Jacob M.                         Myles of Falkon Hold
37 Gillis Rd.                           Barony of Marinus
Portsmouth, VA 23702-2226
(804) 397-0034 (h)
(804) 398-7486 (w)
         -5176 (fax)

Boals, Morag A.                         Olwen de Montgomery
pnh0jmb@pnh10.med.navy.mil              Barony of Marinus

Bodman, David K.                        Daoud al-Bodmani
P.O. Box 77108                          Shire of Hindscroft
Greensboro, NC 27417-7108
910-333-2162 x800# (w)
910-333-2162 x329# (f)

Boyd, Steve                             Andrixos Seljukroctonis
1401 Haven Rd. B-31                     Shire of Highland Foorde
Hagerstown, MD 21742
(301) 714-2153

Bradburn, Muir                          Francesca la Curiosa
21 Brighton Sq.                         Canton of Kapellenberg
Carrboro, NC 27510                      Barony of Windmaster's Hill
(919) 942-3860

Brady, Tom                              Duncan MacKinnon of Tobermory
804 Washington St. #4                   Barony of Black Diamond
Blacksburg, Va. 24060

Bubnell, Vicky J.                       Enid Lyn
vbubnell@acc.roanoke.edu                Barony of Black Diamond

Buck, Richard                           Richard of La Rochelle
(703) 938-2600 mailbox 3200             Barony of Ponte Alto

Burke, Scott C.                         Ulich von Rauschenberg
3136 Fairview St. #101                  Barony of Marinus
Chesapeake, VA 23325
(804) 543-1849 (h)
(804) 680-1119 (w)

Burnett, Steven                         Stephen Badger
badger@shaman.cc.ncsu.edu               Canton of Elvegast
                                        Barony of Windmaster's Hill

Butter, Mario M.                        Corwyn
5 Hillside Rd.                          Barony of Bright Hills
Catonsville, MD 21228
(410) 788-8528

Callicutt, Scott Franklin               Calli
P.O. Box 37221                          Canton of Elvegast
Raleigh, NC 27627                       Barony of Windmaster's Hill
(919) 881-9862

Cardiff, Michael                        Brok the Smith
13066 Marsh Rd.                         Shire of Stierbach
Bealeton, VA 22712

Cardiff, Ruth                           Miriam Ester bat Issachar
71175.1357@compuserve.com               Shire of Stierbach

Carey, Anne F.                          Anne Elizabeth of Castle Leviathan
39859 Bucksville Ln.                    Shire of Stierbach
Aldie, Va. 22001
(703) 327-3604 (h)

Carey, Dan                              Pascal Brendan Merredy
anglican@aol.com                        Shire of Stierbach

Carter, Diane                           Brigantia ni Realda
uboru@aol.com                           Barony of Caer Mear

Cassells, Mark                          Gordon the Righteous
8000 Edgewood Church Rd.                Shire of Highland Foorde
Frederick, MD 21702
(301) 473-8015

Chen, Roger                             Aleksandr the Lost
P.O. Box 58784                          Canton of Elvegast
Raleigh, NC 27658-8784                  Barony of Windmaster's Hill

Comerford, Sherna                       Moira Maureen ua Seamus of the
6-E Research Rd.                              Green Hills
Greenbelt, MD 20770                     Barony of Storvik

Cook, Charlaine C.                      Alesia la Sabia de Murcia
7241 Deborah Dr.                        Barony of Ponte Alto
Falls Church, VA 22046
(703) 641-8629 (h)

Curry, Beverly                          Rhiannon ui Niall
18 Reynolds Rd.                         Canton of Hawkwood
Asheville, NC 28806                     Barony of the Sacred Stone
(704) 253-3115 (h)

Curtis, Lori                            Gillian
201 N. Miller St.                       Barony of Nottinghill Coill
Greer, SC 29650-1929
(803) 879-2574

Curtis, Mike                            Olaf Askoldsson
(803) 879-2574                          Barony of Nottinghill Coill

Davidson, Jonna                         Rosalind Jehanne of Paradox Keep
600 Vandola Rd.                         Shire of Drachentor
Danville, VA 24540
(804) 822-0026 (h)

Davidson, Matthew                       Ciaran the Confused
(804) 822-0026                          Shire of Drachentor

Davis, Alan                             Bren of Elvegast
8768 Kennebec Rd.                       Canton of Elvegast
Willow Springs, NC 27592                Barony of Windmaster's Hill
(919) 639-0820 (h)
(919) 850-5516 (w)

Davis, Jim                              Richard du Guesclin
Rt. 1, Box 100                          Canton of Elvegast
Morrisville, NC 27560                   Barony of Windmaster's Hill
(919) 362-5288 (h)
(919) 541-3757 (w)

Davis, Meghan                           Tlachtga "Sparrowhawk" Faoileain
5746 Edgepark Rd.                       College of Rencester
Baltimore, MD 21239-3242                Barony of Tir-Y-Don
CS Box 96_
College of William and Mary
Williamsburg, VA 23186
(410) 444-8011 (h)
(804) 220-8285 (sch.)

de Tommaso, Andre                       Lorenzo d'Aquila
19108 Valley Overlook Ct.               Shire of Highland Foorde
Knoxville, MD 21758
(301) 834-8242 (h)
(202) 944-7341 (w)

de Tommaso, Michelle                    Kofryna of vilna
(301) 834-8242 (h)                      Shire of Highland Foorde

Dean, Scott                             Manus MacDhai
21 Brighton Sq.                         Canton of Kapellenberg
Carrboro, NC 27560                      Barony of Windmaster's Hill
(919) 942-3860 (h)
(919) 515-2794 (w)

Desrosiers, Mary                        Ealasaid MacDonald
(910) 643-6112                          Shire of Hindscroft

Dorwart, Anne                           Isabella Benalcazar
3903 Twin Arch Rd.                      Barony of Bright Hills
Mt. Airy, MD 21771
(301) 831-0324

Drake, Jo Lori                          Rhian Lyth
P.O. Box 1836                           Barony of Ponte Alto
Herndon, VA 22070

Dresser, Todd                           Jean Christoph
2128 Edgewater Pkwy                     Barony of Storvik
Silver Spring, MD 20903
(301) 431-2202 (h)
(703) 556-7766 (w)

Eney, Dick                              Vuong Manh
Box 589                                 Barony of Storvik
Bladensburg, Md. 20710
(301) 864-2796

Falls, H. Landon                        Landi Haraldsson of Wulfkeep
P.O. Box 623                            Shire of Isenfir
Lovingston, VA 22949
(804) 263-4709 (h)
(804) 924-4523 (w)

Feld, Harold                            Yaakov HaMizrachi
11235 Oak Leaf Dr. #817                 Shire of Roxbury Mill
Silver Spring, MD 20901

Flynn, Brian                            Uther McNeill of Barra
bflynn.uncson@mhs.unc.edu               Canton of Elvegast
bkflynn@email.unc.edu                   Barony of Windmaster's Hill

Ford, Michael E.                        Sean Michael MacKay
15 Trento Ct.                           Shire of Roxbury Mill
Gaithersburg, Md. 20877
(301) 990-3681 (h)
(301) 428-5867 (w)
(301) 601-7201 (w)

Galbraith, Mikele                       Maire Mikele Taran
(804) 355-2299

Garm, Jim                               Philip of Ghent
1600 Clay Hammond Rd.                   Barony of Dun Carraig
Prince Frederick, MD 20678
(410) 535-2152 (h)
(301) 306-6348 (w)

Garrison, Gwen                          Elinor de Chacenay
429 Main St., NW                        Barony of Storvik
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 637-2455 (h)
(202) 783-7400, ext. 231 (w)

Gearman, Patrick                        Rolland Steveneson

Gideon, Thomas                          Thomas Lyon of Braemar
tlgide@birds.wm.edu                     College of Rencester
                                        Barony of Tir-Y-Don

Girard, Larry                           Laurance Girard

Glatfelter, Art                         Llywelyn ap Rhotbert ap Gwyllym
5829 Adamstown Rd.                      Shire of Roxbury Mill
Adamstown, MD 21710
(301) 874-3311

Glatfelter, Gail                        Margaret Sahyer
aag@helix.nih.gov                       Shire of Roxbury Mill

Godfrey, Derek                          Aonghus Camshron Mac a' Chleirich
105 Shadylawn Dr.                       Shire of Hindscroft
Winston-Salem, NC 27104
(910) 765-0358 before 10 pm

Goldschmidt, Bob                        Bob
13156 Country Ridge Dr.                 Shire of Roxbury Mill
Germantown, MD 20874
(301) 540-7536

Goodwin, Renee                          Alanna Peregrinator
reneeg@unity.ncsu.edu                   Canton of Elvegast
                                        Windmaster's Hill

Granger, Jenny                          Deoca of Elvegast
5708-28 Windlestraw Dr.                 Canton of Elvegast
Durham, NC 27713                        Barony of Windmaster's Hill
(919) 361-2322 (h)
(919) 613-8010 (w)

Graves, Chuck                           Tadhg macAedain uiChonchobhair
12229 Dalewood Dr.                      Shire of Roxbury Mill
Wheaton, MD 20902
(301) 942-9551

Graves, Jolene                          Meraud de Dun Carraig
(301) 942-9551                          Shire of Roxbury Mill

Green, Karen                            Karen Larsdatter med det Usigelige
kgreen2@osf1.gmu.edu                          Efternavn fra Skeggedal
                                        College of St. Stephen
                                        Barony of Ponte Alto

Greenbaum, Craig                        Corun MacAnndra
corun@access.digex.net                  Barony of Storvik

Gunter, David                           Ciaran Mac Breandain
(919) 515-1930                          Canton of Elvegast
gunter@stat.ncsu.edu                    Barony of Windmaster's Hill

Guptill, Dexter C.                      Erich von Kleinfeld
14628 Stone Range Dr.                   Shire of Stierbach
Centreville, VA 22020
(703) 222-0806 (h)
(202) 393-8639 (w)

Halstead, Cindy                         Caitlyn o Duirnin
6206 Mockingbird Pond Terrace           Barony of Ponte Alto
Burke, VA 22015

Halstead, Gary                          Ranulf of Waterford
garyh2018@aol.com                       Barony of Ponte Alto

Harrop, Lance A.                        Leifr Johansson
10417 Dylan St.                         Shire of Stierbach
Manassas, VA 22110
(703) 368-9658

Hashiguchi, Franko                      Ketsu Toichi
1120 Downey St. #3                      Barony of Black Diamond
Radford, Va. 24141
(703) 731-9638

Hayes, Scott                            John Cary
jshaye@tsrv1.ts.wm.edu                  Barony of Tir-Y-Don

Helm, Jack                              Michael Ryan of York
1013 Grovewood Dr.                      Canton of the Guardians of the
Charlotte, NC 28208                        Sacred Stone
(704) 399-3684                          Barony of the Sacred Stone

Henderson, Sharon                       Meleri ver' Iasper
5521 Starboard Ct.                      Barony of Ponte Alto
Fairfax, VA 22031-4011

Hick, Steve                             Strykar
6606 Gordon Ave.                        Barony of Ponte Alto
Falls Church, Va. 22046
(703) 241-1682 (h)
(703) 818-4522 (w)

Hoblit, Donna M.                        Elaine Gilbert of Roxbury
9709 Eclipse Pl.                        Shire of Roxbury Mill
Gaithersburg, MD 20879
(301) 258-9406 (h)
(202) 401-1615 (w)

Hoh, Jennifer                           Ginevra die Hohe
22401 Cypress Point Rd.                 College of Rencester
Williamsburg, VA 23185                  Barony of Tir-y-Don
(804) 829-6676 (h)

Holloman, Mitake                        Anna Ridley
2147 Hinman                             Canton of Elvegast
Dartmouth College                       Barony of Windmaster's Hill
Hanover, ND 03755
(919) 848-6622 (h)                      Barony of Stonemarche, East Kingdom
(603) 643-9823 (sch.)

Hopkins, Edward                         Alfredo el Bufon
808 Park Ridge Rd. #B1                  Canton of Buckston-on-Eno
Durham, NC 27713                        Barony of Windmaster's Hill

Hopkins, Melanie                        Malkah Rozanna Blaznowa
mellie_h@aol.com                        Canton of Buckston-on-Eno
orkand10@nchrta.em.cdc.gov              Barony of Windmaster's Hill

Hotet, Peter                            Maximillian von Silverwald
topkisp@aol.com                         Barony of Ponte Alto

Houghton, Mike                          Herveus d'Ormonde
5412 Lakeford Lane                      Barony of Storvik
Bowie, MD  20720
(301) 464-8375

Hudson, Cindy                           Deirdre Morgan
#3 Brook Terrace Apts.                  Canton of Falcon Cree
Taylors, SC 29687                       Barony of Nottinghill Coill
(803) 268-3837

Hudson, Tom                             Giovan Donato Falconieri
430 S. Greensboro #6                    Canton of Kappellenberg
Carrboro, NC 27510                      Barony of Windmasters' Hill
(919) 967-6526 (h)
(919) 962-1812 (w)

Hughes, Nik                             Klaus von Trollenberg
1607 N. Springwood Dr.                  Shire of Roxbury Mill
Silver Spring, MD 20910-2722
(301) 589-6627

Jacks, Amber                            Eliska Alexandrovna
416 17th Ave. NE                        Canton of Baelfire Dunn
Hickory, NC 28601-2016                  Barony of the Sacred Stone
(704) 324-5499

Jacks, Tim                              Kostantin Volkovich
(704) 324-5499                          Canton of Baelfire Dunn
timjacks@aol.com                        Barony of the Sacred Stone

Jaggard, Debbi                          Siobhan O'Riodain
1335 Huntover Dr.                       Barony of Lochmere
Odenton, Md. 21113

Jordan, Jay                             Thorvald Hrafnsson
Rockville, Md.                          Shire of Roxbury Mill

Juroff, Susie                           Susanna Grey
1980 B Arlington Blvd.                  Shire of Isenfir
Charlottesville, VA 22903
(804) 971-4961

Kaull, Thea M.                          Berengaria the Quiet
801 W. Franklin St.                     Barony of Caer Mear
Room 917 Johnson Hall
Richmond, VA 23220
(804) 353-1055

Klosky, Wynn                            Branwynn Ottersby
2300 Arapahoe #102                      Caer Galen
Boulder, CO 80302                       Outlands
(303) 497-8616 (h)
(303) 273-3100 (w)

Knowles, Brad                           Ian McDougal
brad@birch.ims.disa.mil                 Barony of Ponte Alto

Koogler, Elaine                         Minowara Kiritsubo
1600 Clay Hammond Rd.                   Barony of Dun Carraig
Prince Frederick, Md. 20678
(410) 535-2152

Krupar, Ellen M.                        Shannon MacFerris
19-D Country Club Ln.                   Canton of Falcon Cree
Anderson, SC 29634                      Barony of Nottinghill Coill
(803) 224-6697

Kuijt, David                            Dafydd ap Gwystl
2801 Ashmont Terrace                    Shire of Roxbury Mill
Silver Spring, Md. 20906
(301) 598-7424

Lang, James                             James of Argonne
argon@starburst.umd.edu                 Barony of Dun Carraig

Langford, Bob                           Bif Omar
(804) 828-9843                          Barony of Caer Mear
(804) 828-9807 (fax)

Lashley, Paulette                       Rosamund
3530 Cemetery Circle                    Shire of Highland Foorde
Knoxville, MD 21758
(301) 834-7591

Lease, Jennifer                         Anna MacKenzie
jennifer.lease@arch2.nara.gov           Barony of Bright Hills

Lindahl, Greg                           Greg of Isenfir
(804) 973-7996 (h)                      Shire of Isenfir
(804) 824-4914 (w)

Lindsay, Tamar                          Tamar the Gypsy
dickeney@access.digex.net               Barony of Storvik

Lonski, Mike                            Aedan Aylwyn
mike_lonski@allegro.amf.com             Barony of Caer Mear

Lorenzin, Lisa                          Angharad Melys
881 Airport Rd. #10F                    Canton of Kapellenburg
Chapel Hill, NC 27514-2613              Barony of Windmaster's Hill
(919) 942-5435 (h)

Lovelace, Tanner                        Kendrick Wayfarer
301 N. Edison St.                       Barony of Storvik
Arlington, VA 22203
(703) 524-8639 (h)
(703) 683-8430 x421 (w)

McGillan, Jennifer                      Arianrhod ap Finglas
P.O. Box 2469                           College of Caer Daibhidh
Davidson, NC 28036                      Barony of the Sacred Stone
(704) 896-6539 (h/w)

McMahon, Denise                         Rowan Berran McDowell of Roscommon
46883 Rabbitrun Terrace                 Shire of Stierbach
Sterling, VA 20164
(703) 450-8092 (h)
(703) 709-5569 (w)

Marshall, Kevin                         Geoffrey the Quiet

Marx, Karl                              Karl Helweg
232 Boone Heights Dr., Ste. 103         Shire of Crannog Mor
Boone, NC 28607
(704) 265-4263
compuserve: 100135,42

Miner, Kymber                           Kyneburh Boithuile
802 Meadow Dr. #8                       Barony of Black Diamond
Blacksburg, VA 24060
(703) 953-3114

Montuori, Dave                          Evan da Collaureo
P.O. Box 220414                         Shire of Stierbach
Chantilly, VA 22022-0414
(703) 802-6385 (h)
(703) 689-7986 (w)

Morgenstern, Rob                        Roland de Mounteney
rmorgens@mitre.org                      Shire of Roxbury Mill

Morris, Beth                            Keilyn FitzWarin
7830 Hanover Pkwy                       Canton of Wrattingham
#103                                    Barony of Storvik
Greenbelt, MD 20770

Morrow, James                           Achbar ibn Ali
332 Woodvale Pl.                        Guardians of the Sacred Stone
Charlotte, NC 28208                     Barony of the Sacred Stone
(704) 333-8429

Motheral, David                         Claudius ap Preachain
clydesca@aol.com                        Barony of Ponte Alto

Motheral, Doreen                        Airmid na Preachain
airmidsca@aol.com                       Barony of Ponte Alto

Munn, Michael                           Kilian Ebonwoulfe
mlmunn@unca.edu                         Canton of the Guardians of the
                                           Sacred Stone
                                        Barony of the Sacred Stone

Myers, Scot W.                          Bran Trefonnen
P.O. Box 2981                           College of Caer Daibhidh
Davidson, NC 28036                      Barony of the Sacred Stone
(704) 896-0250

Newsome, Matthew                        Eogan MacLarmann
2807 Royal Ridge Ln.                    Canton of the Guardians of the
Charlotte, NC 28212                        Sacred Stone
(704) 568-8094                          Barony of the Sacred Stone

Niemann, Kirsten                        Thjora Arnkitelsdottir
812 Brook Hill Rd. #122                 Barony of Caer Mear
Richmond, VA 23227
(804) 264-8278 (h)

Nolan, Erci                             Elise Dominique Clairmont
9639 Franklin Woods Pl.                 Barony of Ponte Alto
Lorton, VA 22079-2343
(703) 550-1998

Nolan, Scott                            Duncan Tiercel MacLeod
(703) 550-1998                          Barony of Ponte Alto

Northrip, Ron                           Antonio Fioretto
ranort@mail.wm.edu                      College of Rencester
                                        Barony of Tir-Y-Don

Noto, Charlene                          Deirdre of Boolteens
1224 Meadowbend Dr.                     Canton of the Guardians of the
York, SC 29745                             Sacred Stone
(803) 684-2612                          Barony of the Sacred Stone
(704) 582-8423

O'Leary, Carol                          Melisande de Belvoir
13402 Vandalia Dr.                      Shire of Roxbury Mill
Rockville, MD 20853 
(301) 942-4802 (h)
(202) 708-8661 (w)

O'Leary, Gerald                         Gyrth Oldcastle of Ravenspur
(301) 942-4802 (h)                      Shire of Roxbury Mill

Pawelka, Lynn                           Celynnen o' Dyfed
4628 Bayspring Lane                     Canton of Elvegast
Raleigh, NC 27613                       Barony of Windmaster's Hill
(919) 782-8452

Peters, Leslie                          Aden Pieller
lpeters@scratchy.hq.af.mil              Barony of Ponte Alto

Precht, L. Wayne                        Galmr Ingolfsson
wayne@apollo.umuc.edu                   Shire of Roxbury Mill

Randall, Donna C.                       Aisha
5308 Colorado Ave. NW                   Barony of Storvik
Washington, DC 20011
(202) 723-2208

Randall, Kitty                          Iseulte of the Red Cliffs
54 Whetstone Dr.                        Barony of Tir-y-Don
Hampton, VA 23666
(804) 827-8455 (h, after 5)
(804) 988-4808 (pager, anytime)

Randall, Otelio S., II (Grey)           Saaral
9242 Sprucewood Rd.                     Barony of Ponte Alto
Burke, VA 22015
(703) 569-4253

Randall, Leigh L.                       Merial Graine St. Aubin
(703) 716-6615 (f)                      Barony of Ponte Alto

Raney, Mike                             Micheal o Bhuilagh
Anderson #550                           Barony of Storvik
The American University
4400 Massachusetts Av., NW
Washington, DC 20016-8101
(202) 885-7736 (h)

Reed, Ken                               Niall McKennett
2941 Fairmont St.                       Barony of Ponte Alto
Falls Church, VA 22042-1336
(703) 560-8825

Reed, Sue                               Teleri Talgellawg
kreed@gravity.science.gmu.edu           Barony of Ponte Alto

Ringo, Michelle                         Thalia Paleogina
10428 Haywood Dr.                       Shire of Roxbury Mill
Silver Spring, MD 20902
(301) 754-1445

Salazar, Kim Brody                      Ianthe d'Averoigne
7101 Kurth Lane
Seabrook, MD 20706
(301) 794-4476

Seib, Catherine                         Kyrdwin
kyrdwin@jhunix.hcf.jhu.edu              Barony of Bright Hills

Shaner, Jay R.                          Konrad der ruhige Baer
1786 Stonehaven Lane                    Shire of Highland Foorde
Frederick, MD 21702
(301) 694-8601 (h)
(301) 698-4277 (w)

Shecut, Yvette M.                       Evita Maria di Lombardi
1230 Pendleton St.                      Canton of Cyddlain Downs
Apt. 19E                                Barony of Nottinghill Coill
Columbia, SC 29201-3737
(803) 779-1694 (day)
(803) 779-2898 (night)

Sheets, Steve                           Kenwrec FitzRaymund
Herndon, Va.                            Barony of Ponte Alto

Sherman, Dennis                         Robyyan Tor d'Elandris
1308 Brookfield Dr.                     Canton of Kappellenberg
Chapel Hill, NC 27516                   Barony of Windmaster's Hill

Skully, Dane                            Sigmundr af Thaelborg
12401 C Hickory Tree Way                Shire of Roxbury Mill
Germantown, MD 20874
(301) 540-8697 (h)

Skully, Dawn                            Aurora Astore
(301) 540-8697 (h)                      Shire of Roxbury Mill
(301) 212-7657 (w)

Smith, Judith                           Judith von Gruenwald
3305 Pine Belt Rd.                      Canton of Cyddlain Downs
Columbia, SC 29204-3126                 Barony of Nottinghill Coill
(803) 738-0020

Smith, Marshall                         Adam Rhys Faren
P.O. Box 1034                           College of Caer Daibhidh
Davidson, NC 28036                      Barony of the Sacred Stone
(704) 377-8801

Smith, Thomas                           Thomas Smyth of Ayr
3305 Pine Belt Rd.                      Canton of Cyddlain Downs
Columbia, SC 29204-3126                 Barony of Nottinghill Coill
(803) 738-0020 (voice/machine)        
(803) 738-2025 (data/fax)               

Smith, Tim                              Timofei Ivanovitch
2041 Chadds Ford Dr.                    Barony of Ponte Alto
Reston, Va. 22091
(703) 620-5334

Snell, Christopher                      Sainrith O'Cailidin
3339 N. Charles St.                     College of Sylvan Keep
Wolman Box 3463                         Barony of Bright Hills
Baltimore, Md. 21218
(410) 516-3245
bpanther@cs.jhu.edu (or @circle.cs.jhu.edu)

Stapleton, Deborah                      Deborah
debbiest@microsoft.com                  Canton of the Guardians of the
                                           Sacred Stone
                                        Barony of the Sacred Stone

Stapleton, Greg                         Gawain Kilgore
gregsta@microsoft.com                   Canton of the Guardians of the
                                           Sacred Stone
                                        Barony of the Sacred Stone

Steele, Bob                             Shinawassee Magnuson
775 Gateway Dr., SE #313                Shire of Stierbach
Leesburg, VA 22075
(703) 779-2061 (h)
(703) 205-2858 (w)

Stracke, John                           Francois Thibault
francis@insoft.com                      Shire of the Black Rose
                                        East Kingdom

Strauss, John                           Henry Best
668 Bluff Ave.                          Shire of Isenfir
Waynesboro, VA 22980-6011
(703) 943-JOHN

Talley, Lisa                            Selene of Dun Carraig
Rt. 2, Box 134                          Barony of Dun Carraig
Hollywood, MD 20636
(301) 373-8401

Thorpe, John T.                         Ellwood the Wayward
jthorpe@greenville.clemsonsc.attgis.com Canton of Falcon Cree
                                        Barony of Nottinghill Coill

Thorson, Stephanie                      Alianora Munro
76thorson@cua.edu                       Barony of Bright Hills

Toscano, Sandra                         Aeron Hamilton
3146 Hidden Ridge Terrace               Barony of Bright Hills
Abingdon, MD 21009

Tyeryar, Jeff                           Beornheard of Wearmouth
3603 Oliver St.                         Barony of Storvik
Hyattsville, MD 20782
(301) 559-7852

Urbanik, Elizabeth                      Elenore Spyrling
P.O. Box 23                             Shire of Drachentor
Chatham, Va. 24531
(804) 432-3006 (h)
(804) 432-3271 (w)
         -1405 (f)

Utt, Tanya J.                           Angelica Goetz von Baden
tjuttx@tsrv1.ts.wm.edu                  Barony of Tir-Y-Don

Vaughan-Nichols, Steven J.              Alexii Stefanovich
7214 Sunrise Dr.                        Barony of Storvik
Lanham, MD 20706
(301) 459-4728 (w)

Vilade, Theresa G.                      Nuala O'Brien
has2tgv@cabell.vcu.edu                  Barony of Caer Mear

Walsh, Lori P.                          Sydony Maguinness
520 W. Franklin St.                     Barony of Caer Mear
Box 252
Richmond, Va. 23220
(804) 644-8026

Weissler, Rich                          Razmus of Norwode
P.O. Box 77066                          Shire of Highland Foorde
Washington, DC 20013
(202) 786-9570 (w)

White, Tim                              Otto von Schwyz
P.O. Box 6989                           Shire of Crannog Mor
Appalachian State Univ.
Boone, NC 28608
(704) 262-0886

Wilbur, Jessica                         Muireann ni'Riurdan
jcwilb@mail.wm.edu                      College of Rencester
                                        Barony of Tir-Y-Don

Will, Michael A.                        Kai Arnwulf
119 Owen                                Canton of Elvegast                
P.O. Box 4414                           Barony of Windmaster's Hill
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC 27607
232 Sardis Grove Lane
Matthews, NC 28105

Wilsey, Martin C.                       Luther of Stierbach
9612 King George Dr.                    Shire of Stierbach
Manassas, Va. 22110
(703) 361-8640 (h)
(703) 218-1173 (w)
      934-7158 (f)

Wimett, E.L.                            Alisoun MacCoul
P.O. Box 522
Mount Pleasant, SC 29465
(803) 881-5517
compuserve: 73511,2607

Wright, Rachel K.                       Alanna
8 Lee Ave.                              College of Marshall's Keep
Lexington, VA 24450                     Barony of Black Diamond
(703) 462-4702

Young, Marlo                            Ahlam (or Tabassum)

Zimmerman, Douglas                      Galen Woodwalker
13100 Worldgate Dr.                     Barony of Storvik
Ste. 340
Herndon, Va. 22070-4382