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Re: Giant Acorns and Silliness

    More silliness:
His Excellency, Earl Dafydd ap Gwystl writes: 
8< SNIPPAGE of an amusing red herring
>What has this to do with the large statue of an acorn in Raleigh? 
>Nothing, as it turns out.  Synchronicity, nothing more or less.
He's covering up, folks. Through arduous research and death-defying 
sleuthing, I have uncovered the truth.
The acorn statue in Raleigh is not really a statue at all. It is the 
Mother Ship for all the royal peers in Atlantia. (Did no one else ever 
wonder why it has those stabilizers on it?!!) Some time ago,
about 1 JBD, the Acorn Mother Ship landed, bringing with it all the 
royal peers-to-be of Atlantia. Naturally, most of them were in a 
dehydrated state so that they could all fit inside the ship...
So anyway, there may be some truth if you overhear someone saying, 
"(The king, that person, her excellency, etc.) is from Mars."
But you didn't hear this from me. And that is why I am sending this 
using the anonymous posting service, because if they found out who 
I am...what..? What do you mean, "This isn't anonymous"? Of course 
    On the true nature of the Raleigh Acorn, revealed as the Mother 
    Ship for the Acorn Peers now infesting Atlantia and on export to 
    the rest of the known world, I reply to the sender (made nameless 
    by sudden interruption) -
    For your information, there's another Giant Acorn in Silver 
    Spring, Maryland.  The information sign says it marks the site of 
    the original "silver spring".  Disinformation.
    More likely, it is an advance pod from the mother ship.  After 
    all, one of the original infected sites was the 
    Rockville/Silver Spring area.
    Has anyone spotted other Giant Acorns?
    You don't have to worry about Fernando and me.  We're not from 
    Mars - we're from the past.
    Warming up Peabody (our time machine) to take a peek at the