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Re: Events

Lady Miriam kindly points out that I am a mad and foolish Seneschal.

> Liefr,
> 	Do you realize that Stierbach is now committed to an event in June, 
> a large demo with feast in July, and this new University?
> 			Miriam
First of all, its a Collegium (sorry Henry), and second, you're right.
If there were any large group in the North of Atlantia which would like 
to sponsor the College for St. Stephen's first event, the Collegium 
Borealis, speak now 'cause the flyer is getting written at Anne 
Elizabeth's Thursday.  You can even keep the help of my volunteers, as 
long as you give them credit.

However, Stierbach is doing its Birthday event on June 3rd, with Lord 
Richard of Sterling as autocrat and Lord Pascal Meraday (sp) as head cook.
(Roast Lamb Done Right, yum, yum :-) ).

The Collegium Borealis is scheduled July 1st (yes, we have the Crown's 
permission for both dates) and I am the autocrat of record.  St. Stephens 
is holding the event, and Stierbach is tentatively sponsoring (all 
subject to the approval of Ponte Alto).

The July 15th Demo is being autocrated by Lord Charles of the Red Oaks 
and the head cook is Baroness Annekja.  And it better not end up costing 
us money ;-(.

The talent exists in Stierbach to do this, as long as I don't 
spontaneously combust.

Requests for instructors and classes will be made to the Commons of the 
Merry Rose soon, keep your eyes peeled.

In Service
Leifr Johansson